Redesign business to digital platform

In 2021, businesses will have to innovate, focus on customer experience and expand their online presence. We have the guide of digital transformation.


Digital capabilities have indeed doubled in the past two years and part of this was due to the pandemic. According to a survey, 70% of businesses are expanding their digital platforms, but are doing so not just with new technology but with the best talent.

Every business has to face more competitive, it is important to expand digital operations. However, this transition represents an investment of significant resources. The key is breaking down the task and giving talent individual roles in creating a digital transformation.



5 Keys for Digital Transformation ;

  1. E-commerce Website today

  2. Online Business in Social Platform (Facebook, YouTube, Line, Instagram and etc.)

  3. Customer Experience (customer review) with Magnetic Marketing (Promotion)

  4. Demand Generation with Competitive Advantage (Search Video Clip)

  5. Globalize Market (location is not important anymore)

Half of Retailers Plan a Digital Makeover as eCommerce Sales Boom Amid Covid-19 Pandemic.

Consumers developed new habits and learned to enjoy online shopping. When the pandemic subsides, these habits may remain, and it is the reason why half of business owners gave their companies a digital makeover in 2021.

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